Our skin was never supposed to be slathered in chemicals and other harsh elements that the big brands promote as “soft” and “moisturizing”.

As a result of the commercialization of our skin, the quality of skin care products on the market has decreased and men, women and children everywhere are suffering from various skin conditions with little relief. That’s why First Olive was born.


Handmade Skin Care

created with love in Cary, NC

A mother’s love for her children and a desire to provide them with better options for their skin, we started making soap in our kitchen with natural, healthy ingredients. Our friends and family loved our soaps so much that we decided to turn our experience and knowledge into a business so that we can help more and more people enjoy wonderful looking and feeling skin.

Today, we offer natural soaps, lip balms, lotion bars and lotion sticks, handmade in Cary, NC with only the healthiest ingredients. Our goal is to provide you with skin that not only looks fresh and healthy, but also feels amazing.

If you have any questions about our company or our products, please contact us